1. Awakening to Spiritual Life: Introduction

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The question may well be asked as to what a person might expect to have happen should they choose to work with the Texts of Divine revelation (the Word) using the Logopraxis method as the basis for an intentional spiritual practice. While it is true that no two paths along the road to awakening to spiritual life can be the same, it is our experience that, in working with the Word, every unique path unfolds within a common broader general framework. This is detailed in the Word and offers an orderly pattern of spiritual development for people as they undergo the processes involved in the reformation and regeneration of their minds.

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Max Blair
Max Blair

Gray, thank you for your encouraging comments. I recently wrote in my loose leaf journal: this work makes it possible to become the person and man that I need to become to achieve what I have not been able to accomplish. I start with acknowledging both spiritual and natural worlds which I appreciate with my readings of the Writings. And reading further that while my mind is simultaneously in these worlds, my mind is not these worlds. I have to run to school now. I believe this is where David is leading his message – its feeling good. I’ll workinng… Read more »

Gray Glenn
Gray Glenn

I found that every sentence of this video offers at least one launching point to further thought. Indirectly, it offers particular help for the question of how to use Swedenborg’s science (such as is presented in DLW) as a doorway rather than an obstacle to spiritual understanding. If anyone else is interested in using this talk as a focus for a discussion group, please let me know. Gray

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