ACV6S5: AC#4286.2-4 The Structure of Consciousness

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This video provides a diagrammatic representation of the description of the structure of the heavens found in AC 4286.2-4 & 4292.2-4. The relevant readings are provided below the video,  and you can Click Here to Download the PDF of the Diagram

Arcana Coelestia 4266.2-4

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Arcana Coelestia 4292.2-4

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Mary Smuts
Mary Smuts

Thank you David. So privileged to have your explanations so faithfully and sincerely communicated.

Gray Glenn
Gray Glenn

Thank you for this, David. Making clear the bit about how jacob’s re-naming provides the means for the integrity of the correspondence allows for new thoughts! Having a renewed focus on doing the reading more meditatively puts a highlighter on the wish to ‘wrap my head around’ what the numbers are saying. I’ve been pursuing both the meditative and the intellectual with the hope to see them separately and how the 2 approaches interact. It seems easier to do the meditative approach after the intellectual is somewhat squared away. I’d made a chart, too, but completely missed the “why” you… Read more »

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