Logopraxis: The Church of the Future is Here

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This presentation on Logopraxis was given at the New Church in Australia Assembly by David Millar in May 2018. The theme of the Assembly was focussed on the Church and the future. In this presentation, David looks to give an overview of the historical development of LP, where it is currently at, and how it might serve as a model for those in the future drawn to work with truths from the Word as the basis for individual and collective spiritual life.

Click the link below to download the PDF…

Development of the Logopraxis Design Principles and Outcome Statements

Click the link below to download a chart showing the growth of LP from 2004-2018…

Growth of LP from 2004-2018

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Kent Rogers
Kent Rogers

I found the PDF text inspirational. Thank you for sharing. I though about how the current weakening of Christianity among younger adults may make the New Word more palatable–there will be less rejection due to it being outside the accepted norm and accepted cannon.

Gray Glenn
Gray Glenn

I wish there was a way to mark new articles with color or something to set them apart from our usual session work ; some way to make them stand out. For instance, this article provides an overview of LP not as a method, but as a social/organizational entity. The term ‘ social/organizational’ doesn’t really say the right thing, but I don’t know another way to put it….what LP is as something happening in the world? I hope people notice this article, read it, and have conversations about the many different implications -such as how does our group see itself… Read more »

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