2019 LOgopraxis recommencement

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Welcome to the New Year. While none of us knows what the coming year will hold what we do know is that the need to keep working will continue. The LP cycle for 2019 will recommence from the week beginning the 4th of February which means the first meetings for the year will begin two weeks later the week beginning the 18th of February. I will post the numbers the week before we start but if you do want a heads up we’ll be working with the whole of Chapter 36 of Genesis (AC 4635-4660). It’s a list of names with interchapter material. You can read this in the Mechanical Translation by clicking on the link below. This gives a literal reading with the meanings for each name provided in the Text.

For those of you who may wish to work with a Text prior to restarting, The New Church in Australia Retreat will be taking place from the 21st to the 27th of January. On the 23rd we will be holding an LP Fishbowl and those participating will have worked with DP 275-284 over the two weeks leading into that date.

Click here to access the DP reading

Click here to access the Mechanical Translation of Genesis 36

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