Logopraxis Life Group Rules

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A few rules to set the context of this work:

1. This is not a discussion group or a sharing group, it is a Logopraxis life group.

2. Nothing shared in the group is to go beyond the confines of the group.

3. No member has a right to take it upon his or her self to give advice, criticize, correct or praise what any other member posts in submissions or shares in a face to face group.

4. Responses to what another member shares should be framed in the context of your own life. E.g. How what they have shared has helped you gain a better sense of the Lord (the Word) working in your own life; or how it illustrates insight into some general principle you can use, etc.

5. As a member, you are asked to share from your experience of the Text working in your life and to avoid sharing anything you don’t know to be true in your own experience.  Remember that intellectual speculations do little to support genuine growth.

There is an expectation that as a member of the group you agree to abide by the five rules above and will contribute to the life of the group by making a submission for each Session when due.

Part of the facilitator’s role is to ensure that the above rules are followed.

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Gretchen & Harald Sandstrom
Gretchen & Harald Sandstrom

This is Harald. Give us this day our daily bread. In the context of this session’s readings – & with the benefit of others’ posts, for which thanks – this speaks to me on both the material and spiritual levels. I think I can connect the two for my task. My appetite for and love of good food borders on(?) gluttony. Yet I’m keenly aware through my former line of work that daily bread is not available to many. Taste corresponds to a perception of and affection for spiritual food: knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom, and appetite corresponds to the desire… Read more »

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