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The reason why the Lord spoke of His conjunction with men as of His conjunction with the Father, that is, of His Human with the Divine which was in Himself, is that the Lord is not conjoined with man's proprium, but with what is His own. The Lord removes man's proprium, and gives from His own, and in that He dwells. (From The Apocalypse Explained 254.)
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Welcome to the first LP Newsletter for 2018. For those groups that have enjoyed a recess over the last couple of months, it's time to begin to turn the focus back onto the Text in preparation for what the year has to bring so far as our collective work with it is concerned. The reading schedule for those working in the Arcana has been posted, so for those who haven't yet seen it, you can find it here. You will see from that that the first session of the year begins on the 5th of Feb. with the reading being drawn from volume 6 of the AC, see #4282-4293. The first meetings for the year related to this reading will be held two weeks later in the week beginning 19th of Feb.

Logopraxis Events

A couple of Logopraxis events took place over the recess period. The first was a Logopraxis Fishbowl Demonstration. This was held at the New Church in Australia's summer camp and involved a number of Logopractitioners at the camp running a live meeting with those interested in viewing it being given the opportunity to observe a Logopraxis Life Group in its work and to ask questions.

The second event was held in Kempton, Pennsylvania in the US. The Anxiety and Depression in the Spiritual Life workshop had to be rescheduled due to the dangers of inclement weather. Still, those who could, met to explore aspects of Logopraxis together. The Anxiety and Depression workshop has been rescheduled for Sat. Feb 3rd.

A summary was made of both these events and can be found below.

Logopraxis Fishbowl Demonstration

At the 2018 New Church in Australia camp held in Alexander Headland Queensland attending practitioners of Logopraxis ran a fishbowl demonstration. The group worked with the Text Heaven and Hell with the reading being taken from a section entitled, Wise and Simple People in Heaven HH #346-356(2). The standard 3 Round Lp format was used with 7 participants and 9 …

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Kempton Logopraxis Gathering

Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania has three F2F LP groups. Seventy miles away in Kempton, Pennsylvania there are two more. We were going to get together on Saturday, January 13th to look at our experience of anxiety and depression in the light of the Heavenly Doctrines. A weather forecast for freezing rain, sleet and snow had us postpone the big event to February 3rd. As it …

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From the Sermon Archive

Genesis 1:1 Creation: The Regeneration of

the Human Mind

Genesis 1:1 Creation: The Regeneration of the Human Mind
Welcome to this the first in a series of presentations in which we can be looking at the first chapter of the book of Genesis. What we find here is the first of two creation stories whose content makes up the first two chapters of Genesis. Genesis 1:1 reads... In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. So …

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A Logopraxis Point to Ponder

Repentance is thinking from the Word as opposed to thinking from oneself.
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