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ACV6S21 The Third Round: We Need to Work at Being in Just Whats Arising and Avoid Overthinking Things

ACV6S21 The Third Round: Accepting that We are a Work in Progress and Not the End Product

ACV6S21 The Third Round: Just Find the One Thing in the Text that Reaches Out to You and Work from that

ACV6S21 The Third Round Supplementary: Genesis 35:16-20 Summarised in the Light of Logopraxis Processes

This is such a profound series and as many times as I have read it there seems to be something about this leading into and included the story of Joseph that resonates so strongly that one wonders if the angels associated with this section of the Word are somehow more needed now to support the states of the Church in …

ACV6S21 The Third Round: Inner Work Can Bring up Memories of Past States so they can be Recast in the Light of what the Word Offers Us

From the Arcana Coelestia 561 561. But what are remains? They are not only the goods and truths that a man has learned from the Lord's Word from infancy, and has thus impressed on his memory, but they are also all the states thence derived, such as states of innocence from infancy; states of love toward parents, brothers, teachers, friends; …

ACV6S21 The Third Round: This Work is not About Trying to Be Good it's About Seeing and Working with what Prevents Good from Manifesting

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