Sermons on Matthew

The Transfiguration: Perceiving the True Nature of the Word Play in new window | Download (Duration: 20:17 — 18.6MB)READINGS Isaiah 60:19-22 19 “The sun shall no longer be your light by day, Nor for brightness shall the moon give light to you; But the Lord will be to you an everlasting light, And your God your glory. 20 Your sun shall no longer…

Jesus Before Pilate: Truth on Trial

Pontius means “belonging to the sea” and Pilate means “armed with a spear”. The office he held was that of governor. So he represents something in us that governs and is able to make judgements, assess things and deliver decisions. You will notice that all these abilities are abilities most associated with intellectual functions – the ability to weigh evidence, to question and probe and arrive at the “truth” of a case. These are functions commonly associated with reasoning and this, of course, is what Pontius Pilate represents within us, our lower reasoning faculties.

08. A King Taking Account (Part 2)

Reading: Gospel of Matthew 18:23-35 (23) …the kingdom of Heaven has been compared to a man, a king, who desired to take account with his slaves. (24) And he having begun to reckon, one debtor of ten thousand talents was brought near to him. (25) But he not having any to repay, the lord commanded…

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