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Logopraxis: An Intentional Spiritual Practise Using Sacred Texts

“You are created so that you can be more and more closely united to the Lord. The more closely you are united to the Lord, the wiser and happier you become.”

Emanuel Swedenborg

SpiritandLife.net is a site dedicated to bringing a spiritual perspective to living life. What you will find here are a range of resources focussed primarily on working with spiritual texts as a basis for cultivating a transformative spiritual practice. From antiquity the written word has been the means by which sacred knowledge pertaining to the inner development and evolution of the human spirit has been stored.  Such knowledge is often encoded in a way that both conceals and reveals the way to enlightenment and the prospective seeker is left to find the key(s) that unlock the doors that lead them into a life of inner development.  We believe that the key(s) is/are to be found in being willing to practise the injunctions offered through sacred texts at whatever level we understand them. To assist people to do that we have developed an approach called Logopraxis, which simply means, to practise the Word. We can intellectualise and discuss the value and validity of a spiritual practise or approach but ultimately we can know nothing of it until we do what asks of us.  As an intentional practice Logopraxis offers a way to test what spiritual truths teach so that we can know their truth in the reality of our lived experience.

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