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“Before we are reborn, we do not know even that we have an inner self let alone what it is like. Submerged in external concerns, we imagine there is no difference between the inner self and the outer self.”

Emanuel Swedenborg

Individual Spiritual Direction:  SpiritandLife.net can offer support for people who feel that they could benefit from working with a spiritual director and who wish to develop a personal spiritual practise.  Such a practise requires a person to have the ablity to  self-reflect, examine their behaviours and what these say about the beliefs they operate from.  Ultimately every individual must take responsiblity for their own life and find the  courage to change what they recognise as unhelpful patterns of being.  Spiritual direction is offered to keep those involved in a spiritual practise grounded in foundational principles that govern the processes related to inner transformation... more

Building a Sense of Spiritual Community: While it is true that much can be gained through independent inner work, it has been our experience that working with others who carry a similar aims focussed on internal spiritual development produces a quality to one's work that can't be acheived through independant efforts.  To experience being more fully human requires that we enter into intentional relationships with others to whom we are accountable. Spiritual community requires that we do this with a specific aim of seeking wisdom so that we might come to learn how to express love more effectively.  To this end we welcome opportunities to support the formation of small practise groups whose members are committed to meeting face to face with a view to sharing their work with sacred texts as the basis for supporting others and building a deeper sense of spiritual community.

Online Spiritual Practise Groups: Because it is not always possible to form locally based face to face practise groups for the purpose of spiritual growth and development we also offer facilitated online groups that meet in a virtual space using Skype and an online forum for support.  All the groups we facilitate, be they online or face to face in form, have a practical focus based in people's experience of testing spiritual principles in life. We seek to avoid wherever possible speculative or theoretical discussions that have little practical application to the work of inner transformation.

Developing an Intentional Spiritual Practice